. . . but I consider it a public service announcement. I love my handkerchiefs. My hay fever gets really bad and they make me happy because they are lovely and a little luxurious, but also super handy (ha!). They’re far more serviceable, durable, and stylish than a crumpled kleenex in the pocket.

Case in point: Los Angeles, 9/29/2016. High of 92F, humidity 41%, wind 4mph. “Am I shiny?” he asks. “Do I need to dab my head?”

Here. . . let me make my point again:


Is there a better case to be made?

(Also, I was at a banquet tonight hearing a speaker with a very emotional story and I loaned all three of my hankies to people who got all teary eyed and sniffly for an hour.)

So yeah. . . . GO HANKIES!

Also, I’m coming down on the pro-whimsical-tie side (if we’re taking sides). I like a little funk in with the stark suit styling. 

Have a good night all!