What I did while I listened to Richard Armitage read David Copperfield on Audible.com this week:


 I cut out and basted together the toile (mock-up) of my Dickens Fair bodice.




 Endured spreadsheet hell at my desk.



^ Walked my neighborhood every morning. ^


^ Rewarded myself with a nip of something at the end of the day. ^

img_8930_picmonkeyed Fitted our Dickens Fair bodices with my besties. (We call each other the #costumesisters)  We listened to a sample  of David Copperfield and I gifted the audiobook to each of them to listen to on their own time before we go to Dickens Fair together (I had some extra credits in my Audible account.)

But this is actually a pretty important one as we were having one of our “crisis teas” for my bestie, Brooke.  Her mother died on Friday. We make it a habit of getting together for an informal tea and hang-out session with each other when something awful happens. A family member or friend dies,  someone loses a job or has a rough time at work, breaks up a relationship, anything where you just need some comfort and support. We hang together for the afternoon a day or two after it happens and share some relatively “normal” time with each other.  It helps to give the spirit a bit of a break and just know that we’re not alone.  As bestie Rebecca said, “It’s a good thing to be with people you actually like at times like this.”

So we had tea, sandwiches, scones, cake, and champagne, listened to a bit of Rich and David, and fitted some bodices. We also just talked and connected. So that was good.