Glad tidings of the season to everyone this night. It is still Christmas Eve / First Day of Chanukah here on the West Coast of the U.S.A., which for me is still the beginning of the “Season”.  I tend to start on the Solstice, move through Christmas celebrations, through New Year (actually the favorite holiday for me and my husband), and the wrap everything up around Epiphany.  This is just the rhythm we’ve established over seven years of friends’ parties, family gatherings, and personal traditions.

cardinalMore than anything, though, this season is about reflection, gratitude, and renewal for me. It was just about 4 months ago that I began writing this blog in earnest, centered around Love, Love, Love and trying to outline my experiences with theatrical rehearsal processes. I can’t express how much I enjoyed that writing process and how I’m glad a few readers here and there found them helpful. It was a way for me to feel connected to the event since I wasn’t able to attend myself.  

But in terms of just my own life, it was good to write about and share what I knew precisely because I’ve not been able to direct or act much in the last two or three years. Since I took a second job as an arts administrator for a local fringe festival, it hasn’t left much room in my life for my own theatrical endeavors. I find that incredibly frustrating – more frustrating than I knew I would! And so writing about what typically happens in a rehearsal room was more than just a way to connect to LLL and what Armitage might be experiencing, it was a way to reinforce my own experiences, remind myself that the skills aren’t gone, just because I haven’t been using them.

So I’m very grateful for those who have come to read here for their time and attention. It has been a balm, (as Armitage would say). I don’t rightly know what I will write about here in the coming year, but it’ll be a work in progress.  

Anyway, thank you to everyone who has come here to read or comment and also to all of those who have offered to the RA fandom their own gifts in writing or in crafts or in gifs and photos, or compiling and documenting, or in entertaining and heartfelt tweets and posts throughout the fandom!

Happy Holidays to everyone and may the return of the light to the world illuminate your path in the coming year!


Also: here’s an old picture of me with a bow on my head!